Haircuts, Styles & Fades


_The term fade refers to change gradually in loudness, strength, or visibility.

Seeking to get a haircut the way you want should be paid in close attention to detail by the barber. We are aware that nowadays we see many people from out of town in our neighborhoods due to work placement. Each part of the country has different names and slangs for certain haircuts and when barbers base the client consultation on specific haircut names there may be an issue in miscommunication. Therefore we always like to ask the client to explain as much as possible how the haircut should be done and we as the barber don't mind repeating things back just to confirm exactly what they want done. Certain suggestions may be done if the barber sees a potential better look due to their experience on styles, but of course we will only do what you wish.

When we provide a fade, we ask how short or long you would like the sides and top left. The sides could go as short as skin all the way up to lengthy hair left with an all scissor (shear) cut. We not only specialize in clipper work, we also do traditional haircuts for the elderly or business class gentleman. Every haircut includes a line-up/edge all around or just a neck shave to none of the edges touched at all if the client requests so.


            Some of the most requested haircuts

Low Fade - The low fade is best wore when the base size is skin. This allows the contrast to stand out more since the blend is kept at a real low height around the sides of the head.

Mid Fade - The blend would be a bit higher than the low fade's starting base point making the sides show more contrast. The size on the top and sides is always kept in mind throughout the service to execute the right blend.

High Fade/Regular Fade/Military Fade - This is one of the most common skin fades since many generations. The starting base would be at a higher position than the mid fade. You can request the sides of your fade to be from skin as most military and law enforcement officers wear up to a lengthier size on the sides to whatever size you request the top to have.

Gradual/Business Cut - Not a short size on the sides of the head, mainly involves a lot of scissor (shear) cutting to create the desired look with little to more volume left as desired.

Blowout/Taper - This involves a fade on the sideburns and nape area, you can chose on cutting the hair above as short as you want. Mainly wore by those who get a haircut often and want to touch up the edges to maintain a clean look without cutting much off.

Comb-Over - This is one of today's most trending haircuts. The comb-over consist of a fade or trim of your choice with a carved or natural part to separate the hair's setting. This style was very popular in the early 1900's and let's not exclude the fact that many presidents still wear this today. It is classy yet has a touch of today's fading styles which brings a mixture in modern and classic culture.

Undercut - Another trending hairstyle is the Undercut which consists of a man-bun, pony tail, nappy top or just curls. This means the top of the head wears longer hair with a separation from the sides of the head. The sides of the head can wear a fade or an even sized cut.

Mohawk - Whether you have curly, straight or ethnic hair, a Mohawk is well wore to attract the public as well as compliment your character and style. The Mohawk hairstyle has originated since historic times of certain Native tribes. A lot of times it is best detailed with a hair color service on top for a more extravagant look.

Flat-Top - The flat top is an all time classic mainly seen wore by military members. Today's fading styles also compliment this classic hairstyle for all types of hair texture to wear it. With a nicely done fade it really brings a great style and manly look to the client.

Juice Fade - The juice fade is inspired of the haircut wore by actor/artist Tupac in the 90's movie Juice. This hairstyle consists of a slope divided by a part showing the contrast in both sides of the hair by one side being shorter than the other. It is a very unique look specially for the youth who want a different look and compliment their attitude with the way they wear their hair. Best wore with ethnic hair since it involves sculpting the top.

Afro Cut/Shape Up - Most popular in earlier times as wore by Jimmy Hendrix, the afro is still seen today and it's good to keep up with it by shaping up the ends. Stay fresh regardless of the length of your hair.

Wave Cut/Caeser - This is a very common and simple haircut, involves of the same size being wore all around the head. If you wear waves in your hair this is the best cut to go with to enhance them.


Shaves & Facial Hair

How do you like your beard shaved and/or sculpted?

Whether your beard wears a natural look or it's sharply lined up, make sure to ask for a hot towel shave. The hot towel opens up the pores of the skin allowing the skin and hairs to become soft enough to shave right off without the rough sensation of your hair being pulled. This also avoids the risk of getting nicks, cuts and skin irritation as well as ingrown hairs. We also do head shaves if you prefer a clean bald look. Let us create a great grooming experience for you.


Artistic Designs

Tired of the same old regular haircut? Why not adorn it with some artistic designs. Whether you want a team's logo, someone's portrait or just some classic lines and patterned designs, Faded Fresh will create the right piece of art for the crown you wear every day. Our designs are made from the nature of the hair's texture and pigment to create the most realistic and detailed designs. The art is done using trimmers, clippers, and a straight razor. Color enhancements may be added if requested or needed to bring out design.


Kid's Haircuts

Our focus is to provide not only a great haircut but also a great service. Patience is key when working with clients of a younger age. We do our best to provide any style, cut or design to the kids on our chairs. Our Florida location has a firetruck themed chair for the kids with the goal to make them feel comfortable and loose the fear of the buzzing tools on their head. We would love to be a part of not only your child's first haircut but also his first time at a barbershop where boys become man.

Kids are the future, we must embrace them since their early age.