About Us


Faded Fresh Barbershop was founded in 2014 by Ruben Javier who at the time was 20 years of age. After years of experience in hair cutting, the decision to open up  a barbershop came to reality. The main purpose to open up a barbershop was to create a diverse environment where everybody felt welcomed regardless of their ethnicity, religion, and age. "I am proud of my barbers who are as motivated to serve our clients and community as well." __ Ruben Javier.

"We are proud to not only serve Central Florida but also the Denver/Aurora area in Colorado. Being able to take my craft across the country has been more than an honor specially seeing how we can all come together no matter where we come from. Whether you grew up by the Florida beaches or up in the Rocky Mountains, we are all one big family here at Faded Fresh. "


Ruben Javier

Owner & Barber

12 years Barbering

Sponsored platform artist & educator

Award winning barber

Opened first barbershop & beauty salon at the age of 20

Skilled in artistic trades as drawing, tattooing and hair designs

Portrait artist on hair

Judged at several barber competitions

Educated throughout several beauty shows and seminars across the country